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It is additionally the conventional new year of the Dai people groups of Yunnan Province, China. Religious exercises in the custom of Theravada Buddhism are additionally done, a convention in which these societies share.
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The New Year of the Kutchi individuals happens on Ashadi Beej, that is second day of Shukla paksha of Aashaadha month of Hindu schedule. Concerning individuals of Kutch, this day is related with start of downpours in Kutch, which is to a great extent a desert territory. Hindu date-book month of Aashaadh for the most part starts on June 22 and consummation on July 22.Odunde Festival is a festival on the second Sunday of June, where "Odunde" signifies "Cheerful New Year" in the Yorube Nigerian dialect.

Neyrouz, the Coptic New Year, is the continuation of the antiquated Egyptian New Year following the Roman ruler Augustus' change of its logbook. Its date of Thoth 1 ordinarily happens on August 29 in the Julian logbook, aside from in the year prior to a Julian jump year, when it happens the following day. The jump years expelled from the Gregorian logbook imply that it by and by falls on September 11 or 12 however on various days before 1900 or after 2100.

The New Year of the French Revolutionary Calendar, in power from 1793 to 1805 and quickly under the Paris Commune in 1871, happened on the Southward equinox (22, 23, or 24 September)

The early improvement of the Christian ritualistic year concurred with the Roman Empire (east and west), and later the Byzantine Empire, the two of which utilized a tax collection framework marked the Indiction, the years for which  

started on September 1. This planning may represent the antiquated church's foundation of September 1 as the start of the ritualistic year, in spite of the official Roman New Year's Day of January 1 in the Julian schedule, on the grounds that the indiction was the primary methods for including years the domains, aside from the rules of the Emperors. The September 1 date won all through all of Christendom for a long time, until the point that resulting divisions in the end delivered modifications in a few spots.

After the sack of Rome in 410, correspondences and travel among east and west crumbled. Ritualistic advancements in Rome and Constantinople did not generally coordinate, in spite of the fact that an unbending adherence to shape was never ordered in the congregation. By the by, the important purposes of advancement were kept up among east and west. The Roman and Constantinopolitan ceremonial date-books stayed good even after the East-West Schism in 1054. Divisions between the Roman Catholic religious year and Eastern Orthodox formal schedule became just more than a few centuries' time.

Amid those interceding hundreds of years, the Roman Catholic minister year was moved to the principal day of Advent, the Sunday closest to St. Andrew's Day (November 30). As indicated by the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, the formal year starts at 4:00 PM on Saturday going before the fourth Sunday preceding December 25 (between November 26 and December 2).
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